In the year that Barbara Armstrong first had her miscarriage, there were 100,000 other women and couples in Australia who also lost a baby during their pregnancy.

In most of those cases, friends and family don't know how to support the bereaved parents or what to say.

Through discussing this experience with others, it has become clear that there is an undeniable gap in support for the women and couples who experience this grief.

Sweet Peanuts strives to encourage and enable others to have the conversation that is needed, the conversation about miscarriage.

Great care and compassion has been taken when developing our care packages, to ensure that each recipient feels loved, supported, and most importantly, understood.

Our suppliers are all owned and run by Australian businesses that share our passion for supporting our community and in particular, supporting the voices that deserve to be heard and understood.

We encourage others to find their voice, share their story, and help us break the stigma of miscarriage together.

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