Sweet Peanuts x TradeMutt

and Artist Bobbi Lockyer

We've recently been sharing ways that friends and family can have supportive conversations with bereaved parents and how to start offering support.

What we've found is that bereaved partners and bereaved fathers feel like they're overlooked or not acknowledged as part of the conversation when they have just as much right to grieve.

We're not always great at sharing the tough moments - 1 in 4 Australian Mums and Dads will suffer the loss of miscarriage in their lives, without the level of support or recognition they need. Sweet Peanuts & TradeMutt have produced a workwear range in efforts to make this invisible issue impossible to ignore, and to tell a story of healing, with help from internationally renowned Artist Bobbi Lockyer.
Wearing is caring, and each garment includes a QR code, providing access to free same-day counselling services provided by TIACS. 

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In the past few months, we've had some great conversations with the LEGENDS at TradeMutt about a collaboration to encourage awareness about miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and offering support.

TradeMutt is a workwear brand that make conversation starting hi vis workwear, their profits are donated to the charity TIACS which provides free mental health support and counselling for Tradies, Truckies, and workers in Blue Collar jobs.

We're also excited to be supporting first-nations culture, artwork, and business through this custom Ally-friendly design by Bobbi Lockyer. Our only brief was the colour of pink and blue to represent pregnancy and infant loss awareness and to tell a story of healing. The yellow in the design represents healing. Bobbi has generously gifted this custom design as a way to support Sweet Peanuts and the support we provide.

More About TradeMutt and TIACS

TradeMutt is a social impact workwear brand, by tradies for tradies. They make funky eye catching work wear designed to start conversations about mental health among the blue collar community, helping make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) is the name of the not-for-profit mental health support service funded by TradeMutt. TIACS is a text and call service providing access to mental health clinicians in a free and easy to use way, helping to remove the physical and financial barriers that prevent so many Australians from reaching out for help when they need it. So far TradeMutt has funded 2536 hours of support, and they are just getting started!

Get in contact with the TIACS team on 0488 846 988 or visit their website at www.tiacs.org/

More About The Artist

Bobbi Lockyer is a proud Ngarluma, Kariyarra, Nyulnyul & Yawuru woman born and based on Kariyarra Country in Port Hedland. We met Bobbi at the 2021 AusMumpreneur Conference in Sydney where we were completely inspired by her story of bravery and being a solo mother to four amazing boys. Bobbi strives to create a better, more colourful world for her family and everyone else. She is influenced by stories of the past, colours of country, and her passion for community. Her artwork gives her a platform to fight the good fight as an activist for social justice and indigenous rights - including Birthing on Country.

Bobbi also uses social media to connect with her audience to help break down misconceptions associated with birth trauma and domestic violence as well as tackling the topics of racism in Australia. In 2021, Bobbi was named NAIDOC Artist of the Year won the highly-respected award, became a board member for Regional Arts WA and entered her second year as a creator for Nikon.

We are forever grateful for Bobbi's generosity and support for this collaboration by donating the custom artwork design that tells a story of healing. We hope that Bobbi's eye-catching design will spark supportive conversations about miscarriage and pregnancy loss between friends, family, and co-workers alike.

Important Information

Limited Edition

The Sweet Peanuts x TradeMutt Collaboration is a one-time collaboration and we will only be placing one bulk order of work shirts and scrub tops. This means that the numbers of shirts will be limited and will not be available to order once all stock is sold.

Lead Times

4-5 Months (ETA June-July 2023)
*Production and shipping times may vary

Product Images

Scale of the pattern, garment features (embroidery etc.) will differ slightly in final product

Minimum Order

There is a minimum order requirement for manufacturing of the work shirts and scrubs. We are expecting to meet and go beyond this requirement however, in the unlikely chances that this requirement is not met, all orders will receive a full refund.

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