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Why We Exist

Miscarriage affects 1 in 4 pregnancies, this equals to more than 100,000 women and couples every year in Australia. And women who experience this often feel that healthcare providers should be more proactive in care following a miscarriage.

Sweet Peanuts started with the idea of addressing the gap in support at the baseline, with the healthcare providers that initially speak to women who present with symptoms of a miscarriage. We donate care packages through this channel to be passed onto the women and couples in need of care and support. Study shows that the offer of support itself, regardless of weather or not it is accepted by the grieving parent, may alleviate some of the pain and distress experienced by those affected by miscarriage.

In addition to addressing the gap in support in the healthcare system, we also aim to encourage and enable friends and family to have compassionate conversations with the grieving parents and take actionable steps to provide support. We do this by supplying a guide of suggestions of what to do and how to have this conversation.

What makes us a Social Enterprise

Sweet Peanuts began with altruistic intentions, the donation of care packages. We saw this as our most important activity and started to look at registering as a nonprofit or charity with the Australian Charities and Nonprofits Commission (ACNC). However, realising the magnitude of work involved to register as a charity, to fundraise, and the need to have a proof of concept, we chose to adopt a Service Subsidisation model. Sweet Peanuts sells care packages and items that can be gifted in addition to a range of self care and home care items for personal use. This allows us to fund packages that will be donated while making a positive social change.

As part of our operations, we wanted to address social development goals through our key activities. Promoting well-being, sustainable consumption/production patterns, and combating climate change and its impacts. We strive to support economic growth by sourcing products from local Australian businesses and sustainability through using businesses that are as equally ethical in their own operations.

Our Theory of Change

If bereaved parents are supported and cared for by friends and family in meaningful ways, this will likely reduce the feelings of isolation and depression following the traumatic experience of miscarriage.

Sweet Peanuts aims to change the social perception of miscarriage and how bereaved parents can be supported by friends, family, and medical professionals. Many studies show the need for improved support following a miscarriage, particularly from healthcare professionals. We also aim to connect the grieving family with counselling and bereavement support that is specific to miscarriage and pregnancy loss as very few women actively seek support for themselves.
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