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Tea Tonic

Tea Tonic

flavoured tea

From humble beginnings, Tea Tonic has grown to become one of the premium suppliers of First-grade Organic tea in Australia.
Today, Tea Tonic has over 30 blends, plus a loyal legion of fans who love the flavours and feel-good benefits. From promoting better sleep, to boosting immunity, or simply making people smile, Tea Tonic is helping thousands of Aussies feel better every day.

By Chloe


By Chloe is a proud supporter of ‘One Tree Planted’. An association who plant 1 tree for every $1 donated. That is why I am donating $1 for every organic heat wheat sold to One Tree Planted. $1 = one tree. 1 heat wheat = 1 tree.

By purchasing an organic heat wheat you are helping create habitat corridors for Koalas, promote Australia’s biodiversity and restore areas in Australia affected by bushfires. 

Braw paper Co

Braw Paper Co

writing journals and stationary 

Braw Paper Co. is a Homeware, stationery and giftware brand inspired by nature, and designed and illustrated by Tamsin Richardson. 

Braw Paper Co sources all its cardboard and packaging materials as FSC certified, They use paper tape, cornstarch cellophane and source all their products from Australian suppliers.  

Lil'Bit Better

Lil'Bit Better

Sleepy Time Room/pillow spray

This Melbourne based company handmakes small batch organic cleaning & home products that are Cruelty Free Accredited, and Palm Oil Free.

They source and use Eco/Home Compostable Packaging.

Memories of an Angel

PAIL ornaments and keepsakes

Memories of an Angel is a social enterprise that raises awareness for Pregnancy & Infant loss through the distribution of keepsakes to bereaved families across Australia.

Their mission is to increase awareness about Pregnancy & Infant Loss.

Moxie Pads


sanitary products

Moxie is progressive period care that exists to curb all kinds of period drama; with conscious disposables and long-lasting period reusables that really work, a community that supports, and the advice to go with. All whilst encouraging each other to live life with 'Moxie': guts, grit, determination, courage and spunk..

Jamz Crochet

Hand-made Crochet peanuts

With almost a decade in full time craft, Jamz Crochet is formed on values of creativity, transparency, reliability. It is a true joy to make something 'from scratch' and watch faces light up when they receive their item. The quirkier the better!
Jamz aims to provide an affordable option for providing unique works of art that are truly one of a kind pieces - no two crochet items are the same! 

The Nest Community

Gift wrapping fabric

Australians are creating more waste than ever, so we need to reduce both the rubbish that enters our environment and the waste we send to landfill.

The Nest Community Haberdashery Thrift Shop has saved over 64 tonnes of craft resources from ending up in landfill. They have sold enough reclaimed fabric in their Haberdashery to stretch from Brisbane to Toowoomba. They have delivered over 800 workshops to teach women how to embrace handmade living to upcycle these resources  and thus begun to educate future generations of  an alternative to the cycle of consumerism.

Hello Petal Cards

Plantanble Cards

Hello Petal have been leading the way in the industry with a not so ordinary card that keeps on giving.

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Liz Harper, Lil'Bit Better, supplier

"9 years ago, my husband and I decided to try our hand at beekeeping and started our first hives at our weekender down on Phillip Island, Victoria. This led to a much deeper understanding of the ecosystem, ecology, and our effect on it; it was time to take some personal responsibility and make some big changes.

I've always dabbled in making my own lotions, potions, and cleaning products and herbal remedies. I even have my certification in Western Herbalism and thought, why not put my powers to good use while helping the environment!

Boom! Lil'Bit was born.

Just by changing a few habits, making different choices and swapping out a few everyday products had a huge impact.

At Lil' you'll find a range of small batch, Australian made organic home & cleaning products using the best Australian Certified Organic, natural ingredients.

Lil'Bit is a team of me, myself, and I. All products are made by own hands, from raw ingredients, and packaged in the best sustainable, biodegradable and compostable packaging available in Australia.

Cruelty Free Accredited, Palm oil free and supporting local communities. We aim to be the best and most natural pure cleaning and home products out there"

Liz Harper

Founder of Lil'Bit Better

"In 2019, I was gifted a sewing machine from my grandparents for Christmas. At the time I had no idea how to sew nor did I expect to receive a sewing machine! Throughout the years I would pull out my sewing machine and teach myself how to make various things such as a little skirt for my cousin and fabric coasters. After injuring myself while competing in a Touch Football competition, my mum gave me a heat wheat to help relieve the discomfort, this is where it all started! Whilst using the heat wheat I thought of how useful it would be if I was able to make my own style of these to help others too. After some research and trial and error, I purchased all the materials needed to make a heat wheat. I then started selling my heat wheats to family and friends and soon enough I had a long list of orders to fill. A few years later, I now have 8 stockists and attend various handmade markets. 

As part of my business studies at school, I was given the incredible opportunity to enter my business into the Future Anything Competition. After being successful in winning the semi-finals, I progressed to the grand finals where I pitched my business idea to a panel of 4 judges and 500+ people. That night, I was announced the 2021 National Future Anything Winner. This moment meant so much for me and my future business!"

I am super passionate and driven to help people in my own unique way.


Founder and Owner of By Chloe

"Our journey began in early 2018. What started as a hobby and creative outlet on the side of daily Mum duties quickly turned into a full-time job and successful business."

Founder and creative director, Tara's mission for Hello Petal is simple - to create beautiful pieces for the heart and home that don't cost the earth.
Whilst on her journey to find the best quality, sustainable materials, Tara discovered the concept of plantable paper and knew she had to combine her love of flowers and gifting. "This is where Hello Petal was born into the perfect eco-friendly gift. "

Since then, Hello Petal has been leading the way in the industry with a not-so-ordinary greeting card that keeps on giving.


Founder and creative director of Hello Petal Cards

“As a naturopath, traditional teas can do more harm than good so I wanted to raise the bar with premium, unprocessed teas made from organic ingredients – teas that would improve health, that people would genuinely love to drink. That’s was the original vision, and it still inspires me today.”

Today, Tea Tonic has over 30 blends, plus a loyal legion of fans who love the flavours and feel-good benefits. From promoting better sleep, to boosting immunity, or simply making people smile, Tea Tonic is helping thousands of Aussies feel better every day.

Lisa Hilbert

Founder of Tea Tonic