What a BIIG Day in Brisbane

Today was the conclusion to the 2023 BiiG Conference held in Brisbane.
This year’s theme was ‘Innovation everywhere, impact for all’
With something like 650 in attendance, the room was ecstatic with BiiG ideas and talk about what innovation means.

I wanted to share a few nuggets of gold from today.

“who are we doing this for, reminds us why we’re doing this”
Julia Spicer OAM

I have been reminded again through open conversations today about loss, of why I do what I do. I do this to support, provide connection, and provide understanding to those who have lost their baby. I spoke to at least five people today who have shared their own journey of grief or that of someone they know.

“nothing gets done quite like getting it done on a deadline”
Cle-Anne Gabriel

In reference to the Games in 2032, we’re on a deadline not just for the Games but for humanity as a whole. There’s so much that needs to be done and technology is certainly coming in to play for social change.

“Think about who is around your table for design thinking” 
Fleur Anderson

Certain design thinking only happens when you have the right people at the table. Don’t design without your beneficiary or customer being at that table and providing insight to your products, programs, and services.

There have been countless other nuggets of wisdom from today that I’ll take away with my new connections into the public sector.

Thank you again to the Startup Space sponsored by Gov Ready and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, it has been a wonderful day hearing about the innovations happening, particularly in the tech space.

Today was about innovations and change for humanity, and technology is just a tool to get us there.

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