AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards 2022

Ausmumpreneur Awards and Conference

Our founder has been named as a finalist for National Awards

Our founder, Barbara Armstrong has been named as a finalist for the AusMumpreneur Awards in the following categories;

Public Voting for the Making a Difference Award: Social Enterprise is now open.

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  1. Find category No. 7 “MAKING A DIFFERENCE (Social Enterprise & Non-profit)”
  2. Click on the drop down and select ‘Barbara Armstrong’ from the top of the list
  3. Fill in your details at the bottom of the page and hit done.

We appreciate all the support in the public voting for this category

The Women’s Business School

The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The Women’s Business School celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family. 

About Barbara

Barbara grew up in a small country town in Queensland called Wamuran and first experienced a miscarriage when she was 21 years old. She has recently graduated from the Graduate Certificate in Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies) through the Queensland University of Technology in addition to current enrolment in the Ignite and Accelerator programs with the Women’s Business School. Study and mentorship from these courses has sparked a strong passion for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector for Barbara. We are truly excited for the career that she is embarking on.

“I never really knew what entrepreneurship meant until recently, and when someone asked if I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, it was only then that I realised that I had an entrepreneurial mindset from a young age. My passion, motivation, and self-determination is what has brought me to owning and running my own social enterprise.”

Barbara Armstrong

About Sweet Peanuts

By donating care packages to women who have experienced miscarriage, Barbara is making a significant impact through her organisation, Sweet Peanuts. 

Miscarriage affects 1 in 4 pregnancies, or more than 100,000 women and couples every year in Australia. Many studies show the need for improved support following a miscarriage, Sweet Peanuts addresses the gap in support by donating care packages to women and couples. 

The packages help those grieving feel cared for and supported. For example, one package donated to a bereaved mother residing in a remote Queensland town who did not have access to appropriate counselling services, connected the mother with counselling services that were available online. 

In addition to addressing the gap in support in the healthcare system, Sweet Peanuts also encourages and enables friends and family to have compassionate conversations with the grieving parents and take actionable steps to provide support. This is done by supplying a guide of suggestions of what to do and how to have this conversation. 

Barbara regularly attends events and networks tirelessly with local businesses, nonprofits, community organisations and health care providers to partner with others in the sector to have a positive impact on those bereaved by miscarriage.

The AusMumpreneur Awards

Barbara is delighted to be named as a finalist and is proud of her achievements, particularly being selected as a successful applicant in the Inaugural Instagram Academy. The program was to educate 25 of Australia’s top up-and-coming female entrepreneurs under the age of 25 on how to use the social media platform for business. Another one of Barbara’s recent achievements was being invited to guest speak at a meeting held by the Zonta Club of Redcliffe, this allowed her to share her own story of bereavement and her work to make a positive social change.

While balancing business and motherhood, Barbara explains her motivation, “Peanut is not just part of the organisation name, Peanut was also the name of our baby that we lost and became the original inspiration for Sweet Peanuts. This organisation is built on the deep understanding of miscarriage and the emotional effects it can and does have on women and couples in Australia every year”

It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Barbara gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise.

”If you do not fail, you won’t progress. One of the first lessons I learnt in business and entrepreneurship is that, although we don’t want it to, a lot of our ideas and decisions can result in failure. For businesses to grow and succeed in the best sustainable way, something has to fail, whether it’s a process or a new product. I’ve learnt in business that whatever I decide, regardless of the result, I will learn from it. This has given me confidence in my own decision making and has allowed me to overcome self-doubt as an entrepreneur”

Barbara armstrong

Read more at The winners of the AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at the AusMumpreneur Awards Gala Dinner in September.

For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: or contact

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