We’ve Been Published in The Media!

yahoo finance article about Sweet Peanuts

Exciting News!

Sweet Peanuts has made a debut appearance through media outlets just today.

Many Thanks to the journalist from Yahoo Finance, Lucy Dean, who took an interest in our founders’ story and the story of Sweet Peanuts as a social enterprise.

Why is it important?

Growing awareness and exposure for this organisation has been something we’ve strived for from the start and now we’re being heard and seen by more people in the community.

We hope that our story brings comfort to those going through a loss and that your loss is valid no matter how far along you are, no matter how many children you already have, and no matter how old you are. Your grief is valid and we’re here to hear you.

We look forward to joining the inaugural Instagram Academy to upskill and receive valuable mentorship and help to grow our organisation through social media.

To read the full article Click Here

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