Candle Care Kit


The perfect addition to our new candle range, designed to elevate your candle experience by promoting safety, regulating burning time, and extending the life of your candles

Our Candle Care Kits come with three important and functional tools: Stainless steel high quality Wick Trimmer, Snuffer & Candle Dipper included.

Available in gorgeous Rose Gold or Silver with a tray to use to keep all of your candle care tools together.


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Candle wicks should be trimmed regularly and before each use, to ensure a clean burning candle and helps prevent soot from forming on the glass.

An essential candle accessory. The candle snuffer safely extinguishes the candle and removes the risk of blowing or spilling wax onto yourself or your furniture.

The perfect multi-purpose tool for the candle owner. It can be used to clean the edge of the vessel, to stand the wick straight and tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame.


Rose Gold, Silver


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