Looking for the Light by Ashleigh Ascoli


Looking for the Light

A journey of pregnancy loss, grief and healing.

By: Ashleigh Ascoli

Dive into this collection of over sixty-five poems and pieces of prose inspired by the journey of pregnancy loss, grief and healing.


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About the Product 

Looking for the Light explores the raw, honest and heartbreaking reality of pregnancy loss; and provides a gentle, hope-filled message that there is light to be found, even in the darkest of times. Divided into two sections: The Darkest Night and The Sun Will Rise. This collection will take you on a journey of healing, joy, heartache, grief and self-discovery.

About the Author

Ashleigh Ascoli lives in the Northern Territory of Australia and has been expressing herself through the written word since a young age. Ashleigh has experienced recurrent miscarriages and recurrent partial molar pregnancies. Her hope is to provide comfort and solace to other women and families experiencing loss.


Reviews for Looking for the Light:

“Wow!! Looking for the Light dived into my soul. Ashleigh’s words are so beautifully powerful. From someone who spent 7-years battling with infertility and loss, this book completely and eloquently captures how this feels – on one hand there is grief so deep it consumes you, but at the same time there is growth and hope for brighter days. One can’t exist without the other. I feel like this book has given permission for both. This collection gives those who have been touched by infertility and loss a voice, and comfort that they are not alone.”

– Jennifer Robertson, Author and Fertility Coach

“A beautifully written book portraying the darkness of grief followed by the light ahead. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The poems felt like words taken out of my own heart. The whole book really resonated with me and I couldn’t recommend this book enough!”

– Lauren @truths_of_miscarriage

“Looking for the Light is an achingly beautiful and visceral collection of poetry that is teeming with love. So elegant in its delivery. So generous in its honesty. Words that will stay with me.”

– Karen McMillan, Author of Mother Truths


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