Helping friends and family to support bereaved women and couples

We provide education and supply Care Packages to help you support someone that has suffered from a miscarriage or pregnancy loss

In 2019, I was one of over 100,000 women and couples that had a miscarriage in Australia. After joining a support group, I noticed that friends and family of bereaved parents didn't know what to say or how to support them appropriately. I knew that there needed to be a change and so I founded Sweet Peanuts.


An Introduction to 

Sweet Peanuts and what we do.

Sweet Peanuts is a non-profit Social Enterprise that aims to provide Care, Comfort, and Compassion through the education of friends and family.

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September 23, 2021

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September 8, 2021

Sweet Peanuts and Local Matters


Our mission is to advocate for educated conversations around loss, grief, and miscarriage. We want to break the silence that bereaved couples experience by encouraging open conversations and support with our Care packages available as part of that support.


We found it important to include care items such as heat pillows, tea, and bath infusions that will bring much needed calm, relief and relaxation to the woman or couple.


We aim to bring comfort to those who are grieving a loss through our keepsake items such as the crocheted plush that is handmade with love and care.


Our packages and education are both built on the deep understanding of miscarriages and pregnancy loss. The packages have been developed by the bereaved parents community who understand what others will be going through.

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What We Do

We educate and empower friends and family to support bereaved parents through a loss. Miscarriage and pregnancy loss can be one of the hardest experiences anyone can have during their lifetime. We encourage having informed conversations about loss and grief to reduce the feelings of being unsupported and isolated for those who have lost their baby.

Supporting Small Business

We source our Care package items from local and or small Australian Businesses.


We use sustainable and biodegradable packaging where possible. We recycle and reuse packing that we receive from our suppliers.


We ship Australia-wide and are happy to accommodate any special requests to provide the most amount of care for your loved ones.

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A Guide for Friends and Family of Bereaved Couples

Survey Results and Statistics


Up to 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Do you know someone?

92% of our survey participants knew someone who had experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss.


92% of our survey participants said that the Care package would benefit someone they know.


When I had my first miscarriage in September 2020 after 10 years of infertility (no pregnancies until then), I was absolutely devastated. I would talk to people and felt like no one understood. No one offered support like they do when you go to hospital for any other medical condition. No one brought me flowers, chocolates or grapes. I had an horrific experience in the hospital, physically and emotionally, which I still struggle with today. When I came across the Sweet Peanuts organisation, I wasn’t sure if I “qualified” for a care pack. I wasn’t sure if my miscarriage was “far enough along” to be considered a devastating loss. I was only 8 weeks pregnant. But I was devastated. When I was contacted by Sweet Peanuts and offered a care pack, which was personally delivered to my front door, I was overwhelmed, positively, with the care and understanding shown. I absolutely loved the items in the pack and it felt like each item had been carefully and thoughtfully chosen. When I doubt my own feelings or wonder if I should just “get over it”, I look back at my stuffed elephant toy, hold it and hug it, and I feel worthy. Worthy of my feelings being acceptable, worthy or my grief being real and worthy of being allowed to suffer alongside people who truly care. If I knew other women in my position, I would definitely refer them for a care package. I sincerely hope that Sweet Peanuts is able to grow as an organisation in order to provide more women, men, families and others with the practical and emotional support that’s needed during one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through.

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We are a member of QSEC

(Queensland Social Enterprise Council)

We are currently a Non-profit Social Enterprise and are registered as a member with QSEC. From this, we have access to invaluable resources that help us develop and progress as a successful non-profit organisation.