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supporting bereaved parents

What to say to a bereaved parent after a loss

Women and couples who have experienced miscarriage or pregnancy loss will probably say the same when it comes to support, family and friends don’t know what to say or how to say it.

Today I wanted to discuss what friends and family can say during this situation and how to best support their loved ones.

Earlier days

Instead of “at least it was in the earlier stages”

Try “I’m sorry for your loss”

No matter how early it was, a loss is a loss and parents have every right to grieve.


Instead of “It was never meant to be” or “it was fate”

Try “I’m here to support you, let me know if you need anything”

Saying that it wasn’t their time to have a baby won’t make their loss of a loved one any bit easier. Knowing that you’re there to support them is what they need.


Instead of “you’re only young, you can always try again”

Try “take your time, and don’t put pressure on yourself to do more than what you feel is capable”

Being young doesn’t mean that the physical and emotional pain is any less than if they were older.


Also remember that if you know couples that have been together for a while or that are married, avoid asking when they’re having kids. For some, it’s a personal choice not to, but for others, it may be a lengthy and painful journey full of untold miscarriages and losses to get their miracle baby.

Times like these are hard, but it can always be helped by having the right support.

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