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Sponsor a Care Package or Care items


Through the sale of our packages, we are able to fund packages to donate to hospitals and clinics that have partnered with Sweet Peanuts.

These Packages provide an additional level of care and comfort to bereaved parents that have experienced a loss and connects them to bereavement counselling services.

To increase our level of impact through our donation, we invite anyone who would like to provide care, comfort, and compassion to these women and couples through our sponsorship program. This will allow you to sponsor Care items or the Packages themselves to be donated on your behalf.

Please fill out your details with a note of support that will be passed on to the bereaved parent/s with the items you have chosen to sponsor today. We will contact you to confirm that your sponsored items and packages have been donated successfully and awaiting to be passed on by a healthcare professional.

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Care Package Sponsorship

This option is for the sponsorship of Care items and Care Packages that will be donated on your behalf to bereaved parents through our partnered hospitals and clinics.

By choosing to sponsor, you are providing much needed care, comfort, and compassion to someone who has lost their loved little one from miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Read about the impact you are creating by choosing to sponsor:


$25 – Sponsor some of the items in a Care Package such as the Peanut keepsake and a Writing Journal for donation
$50 – Sponsor a Care Package for donation on your behalf
$75 – Sponsor a Care Package + items in a second package
$100 – Sponsor two Care Packages for donation on your behalf
$125 – Sponsor two Care Packages + items in a third Package
$150 – Sponsor three Care Packages for donation on your behalf


Each option will give you an opportunity to provide a note of support and compassion for the bereaved parent that will be put into the package that you have helped us donate.

Due to privacy reasons, we will be unable to confirm the recipient of the sponsored items but can only hope that it brought them much needed comfort during their time of grief.

Choose to Sponsor

$25 Sponsor items in a Care Package, $50 Sponsor a Care Package, $75 Sponsor a Care Package and Care items, $100 Sponsor two Care Packages, $125 Sponsor two Care Packages and Care items, $150 Sponsor three Care Packages


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