Poppy Seed package


The Poppy seed package includes a couple of additional items such as a bath infusion and a handmade crocheted keepsake.

The ‘Poppy Seed’ package has additional items for bereaved women and parents, this package includes the following items.

  • Plantable Daisy Seed Sympathy Card
  • Candle – French Lavender
  • Heat pillow
  • Moxie Regular Sanitary Pads
  • Flavoured Tea – Wellbeing, Relaxation, Control Cramp, Choc Chai, Blue Magic
  • Tissues
  • Handmade Crocheted Plush
  • Bath Infusion

Information pamphlets from supportive organisations and available counselling services including Memories of an Angel and The Glimmer Project.

An educational brochure on how friends and family can support bereaved parents will also be supplied with each package or you can download it using the link below.

Bath Infusion

Relax, Refresh, Calm


Blue, Neutral, Pink, Rainbow

Crocheted Plush

Owl, Jellyfish, Octopus


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