Poppyseed Package


The Poppyseed package includes items such as a bath infusion and a handmade crocheted keepsake in addition to the items from a Little Bean Package.




Add a set of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Christmas Ornaments for $10 to this package with the coupon code PAILXMAS

*limited to one set per order*

The ‘Poppyseed’ package has additional items for bereaved women and parents, this package includes the following items.

  • Plantable Daisy Seed Sympathy Card (not pictured)
  • Candle – French Lavender
  • Heat pillow
  • Moxie Regular Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads
  • Flavoured Tea – Wellbeing, Relaxation, Control Cramp, Choc Chai, Blue Magic
  • Tissues
  • Handmade Crocheted Plush Peanut
  • Bath Infusion

Information pamphlets from supportive organisations and available counselling services including Memories of an Angel and The Glimmer Project.

An educational brochure on how friends and family can support bereaved parents will also be supplied with each package or you can download it using the link below.

All packages come in a magnetic lid gift box and are neatly wrapped in a sustainably sourced fabric that can be re-used for future uses.

The advice given in the Guide for Friends and Family of Bereaved Parents are suggestions ONLY, for qualified counselling and bereavement support, please contact SANDS Australia.

For information regarding the ingredients in the individual products, please visit Our Suppliers page for links to each supplier’s own website. If you have any concerns that the product in the care package may cause injury such as an allergic reaction or Anaphylaxis to the intended recipient, we advise that you contact the Sweet Peanuts team directly and we can make accommodations to supply a customised package.

Bath Infusion

Relax, Refresh, Calm

Crocheted Peanut

Blue, Pink, Neutral


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